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  • 17105 San Carlos Blvd Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931
    • 239-437-8450
    • 17105 San Carlos Blvd Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

    Martinez Eyecare

    Serving the eyes of you and yours

    About Us

    Dr. Emilio Martinez

    Chief Optometrist

    Dr. Emilio Martinez is a Board Certified Optometrist who specializes in examination and diagnosises of eye diseases, vision conditions, testing for eyeglasses and contact lenses. Dr. Martinez cares about his patients and their eyesight.
    They often describe him as patient, friendly and compassionate.
    He received his Doctorate of Optometry at Southern College of Optometry in Memphis and is a member of the American Optometric Association, as well as the Florida and Southwest Florida associations. Born in Nicaragua, Dr. Martinez is fluent in Spanish.

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    Our Services

    At Martinez Eyecare we provide a full range of eye health services. Routine eye exams, Chronic Dry Eyes, Pre-surgery Consultations and Post-OP Follow Ups. entrust your eyesight to Martinez Eyecare.


    Eye Exams

    Even if you have always had "perfect vision" it's important to have regular eye exams. During your exam, Dr Martinez will look for eye muscle imbalance, vision disorders, and eye diseases that could potentially cause future problems.


    Pediatric Eyecare

    Vision is a vital part of proper growth. Your whole family is invited to Martinez Eyecare.


    Dry Eyes

    Here at Martinez Eyecare we can treat chronic dry eyes in-house.


    Diabetic Eye Exam

    The initial stages of diabetic retinopathy are generally symptom free. Call us today for an appointment if you have any of the following: blurred or distorted vision, imparied color vision, seeing spots, or any loss of vision.

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    Dr Emilio Martinez has been a trusted Optometrist for many years. Hear are what some of his patients have to say.